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Welcome back to my post for Weekend Writing Warriors. When you have read this, why not click on the link (www.wewriwa.com) to read snippets from many talented writers.

My excerpt is still from A Love More Precious Than Diamonds. After Vicky realises that her mother is Gem, the woman who seduced him when he was a student, twenty years earlier, she flees from the charity ball. Dan follows her back to her apartment where she eventually lets him inside. (Edited a little from the published version.)

“Vicky, you know that if I could have prevented what happened last night from happening, I would have done so – it was as much a shock to me as it was to you. I had no idea that she was your mother and I would have done anything to have prevented the pain you felt.”

Vicky looked at me with sad eyes, already brimming with tears again, and spoke, her voice not much more than a whisper.

“I know you would, Dan, it was the shock more than anything. If there is anyone I should blame, it’s my mother.” Her face reflected the hurt and pain that she was feeling. “Dan, she told me about you when I was just fifteen, can you imagine that? She gave me all the details of this twenty-one-year-old student, who whipped her, and fucked her, and all in front of my father, too. Can you imagine what it is like to have a mother telling you that, and then seeing the two of you together again? She and my father virtually abandoned me so that they could do stuff like that without the inconvenience of me being around.

So here we have the other side of the story. Vicky, Gem’s daughter, was five years old when her mother was seducing Dan, and she was sent to live with her grandparents so that her parents could continue to live their hedonistic lifestyle without their child being around. With such a start to their relationship, is the budding romance between Dan and Vicky doomed to failure at this early stage?


A Love More Precious Than Diamonds is now available from Blushing Books and Amazon US

Danny was a 21-year-old student when he met Gem in London in 1992. She was the most beautiful, sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met, and she was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman. So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen?

Their affair was brief and dramatic, and introduced Danny to sexual passion, the like of which he had never experienced before. It also introduced him to the kind of woman who desired control and discipline in her life. Even though the affair lasted just a few weeks, it changed his life and changed his perception of the type of woman he wanted.

Twenty years later he met a young woman and, for the first time in his life, he fell in love; but fate was not kind, and the events of twenty years earlier came back to haunt him as he realised that he might lose the woman of his dreams. He was powerless to act. He could not rewrite his life history.

32 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for Jan15

  1. Wow, that is quite the situation. I don’t know if I could deal with that.I’d be in just as much shock.

  2. What a heart-wrenching line – without the inconvenience of having me around. So sad – but beautifully written.

  3. Wonderful explanation of the past. Me, the optimist, feels they will overcome the past to love each other and begin a new life. That’s me. I’m certain Rachel has other plans for this woe-begone couple. What a story!

  4. What absolutely horrible and selfish parents! I hope Dan and Vicky can heal each other. You’ve got them in a twist of a situation, Rachel.

    1. Yes, they are the type of people who dance through life and taking their pleasures, without any care for the consequences. It was hard for me at the beginning, when people were saying nice things about Gem, not to break cover and say, well actually she isn’t, wait and see!

  5. You’ve certainly put your characters in a weird situation. What awful parents those people are. I’m not sure Dan & Vicky will ever work things out.

  6. What a twist, Rachel! Outstanding writing. Sometimes the F-bomb works perfectly, and to use anything other would be cheating the reader. In this case, it really works!

    I think they’ll be okay. They’re talking and as long as they are talking, they can work it out. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I was wondering if I should include that bit or not. I usually try to keep anything that might offend off the Wewriwa post, but I thought that it was a pivotal piece, so I decided to include it.

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