Weekend Writing Warriors for Dec 18


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Again taken from my book, A Love More Precious Than Diamonds, having met Vicky, the woman of his dreams, Dan is pestered by one of his rich clients, Belle, to buy expensive tickets for a New York charity Gala. Perhaps this is an opportunity to impress his new friend? This is the conversation between Dan and Belle, his client. (There is a little bit of editing to fit.)

“Belle, will you please tell me who you are talking about before I explode with curiosity.”

“It’s only Beyoncé and her husband Jay D, you know, the rapper. And that’s not all, Dan, I am 90 percent sure that we will also get the Clintons.”

“I think you will find that his name is Jay-Z, Belle. Wow, that’s pretty impressive, how have you managed that?” To be honest, I wasn’t much into music and I would be more thrilled about meeting the Clintons than Beyoncé.

“Well I like to think that it is my devastating charm and persistence, but I did have some help from friends with the right connections. Now you cannot possibly turn me down again, especially as the money is going to such a good cause. Why don’t you impress one of your many girlfriends? A pair of tickets at an exclusive table will only cost you $10,000, and you know you can afford it.

(I think I should mention that I wrote this before Hillary Clinton announced she was running for President! I’m sure the price would be a lot higher now!)

Will Vicky be persuaded to go with him to such a glamorous event? Of course she will. Tune in next week to see what happens. For the front cover of the book and the blurb, look back on last week’s post, where you will also find Buy Links.

As we are coming up to the holiday season, I thought I would take this opportunity to wish all my friends, readers and fellow writers my very best wishes for a happy celebration and hope you are all able to be with the ones you love. My good wishes for a great 2017!


20 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for Dec 18

    1. She one of those wealthy ladies who spend their time doing charitable works. Dan had always resisted her entreaties to buy tickets before, but having just met Vicky, he decided to invite her to the grand charitable gala, in the hope of impressing her. He will soon wish he hadn’t.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Belle is one of those ladies who ‘do’ charitable works, and Dan has always resisted her entreaties to buy tickets for Gala Balls etc., even though she is his best client. However, he decides to invite Vicky – a decision that will have repercussions.

    1. It is indeed, Charmaine. Big trouble. I don’t think there will be a white Christmas this year. It is unseasonably mild in England at the moment. Enjoy yourself with your family – and no more falls please!

      Love Rachel

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