Weekend Writing Warriors for October 23


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I am continuing with my book “A Love More Precious Than Diamonds, which I released last year. Be aware that this book is an erotic romance and contains elements of a BDSM lifestyle (but not in the snippets presented here). The very glamorous older woman that Danny saw in the bar was waiting outside when he finished work, and invited him into her car. After scarcely a moment’s hesitation, he accepted.There is a little creative punctuation to comply with the rules.

“Do you need to rush off home, Danny, or would you like to have a drink with me? I know a very nice night club not too far away.”

“No, there’s no rush. Yes, that would be great, but I am not very smartly dressed.”

“Oh I don’t think that matters. People are much more relaxed about dress codes these days. How old are you Danny?”

“Twenty-one, I’m a third year student at the LSE.

She did not reply, but merely smiled, and I, with the arrogance of youth, never questioned why a woman like her would be interested in a young man like me. All I knew was that this beautiful, sexy woman wanted to take me for a drink.

(Just a little information for your interest. In the car she tells him that she is called Gem – not her real name – because of her love of diamonds – which she wears all the time. Hence the reference to diamonds in the title of the book.)



Danny was a 21-year-old student when he met Gem in London in 1992. She was the most beautiful, sensuous and sexy woman he had ever met, and she was some years older and married to a wealthy businessman. So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen?

Their affair was brief and dramatic, and introduced Danny to sexual passion, the like of which he had never experienced before. It also introduced him to the kind of woman who desired control and discipline in her life. Even though the affair lasted just a few weeks, it changed his life and changed his perception of the type of woman he wanted.

Twenty years later he met a young woman and, for the first time in his life, he fell in love; but fate was not kind, and the events of twenty years earlier came back to haunt him as he realised that he might lose the woman of his dreams. He was powerless to act. He could not rewrite his life history.

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28 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for October 23

  1. “and I, with the arrogance of youth, never questioned why a woman like her would be interested in a young man like me”

    Awesome line, Rachel. I can feel the weight and significance of his omission, very clearly.

    1. Thank you Charmaine. I don’t think many mother would be keen for her 21 year old son to come home with a femme fatale nearly as old as she is. She would fear for his potential heartbreak.

  2. Your blurb asked the same question that occurred to me: “So why did she pick him from all the men she might have chosen?” On the face of it, they seem mismatched. It’s not like a 21-year-old student will be buying her more diamonds. This snippet piqued my curiosity!

    1. All will be revealed in due course, Ed. In the meantime, think of any of the reasons why a beautiful, sexy, older woman might think a young, handsome student a good bet – and you may well guess the reason.

  3. It doesn’t indicate how much older she is than he, so I’m not thinking cougar here, although it could be. There are so many reasons why she chooses him. Can’t wait to find out which is the right one! Great snippet!

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