Weekend Writing Warriors for August 28


Here is my contribution for this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. Please follow and comment about others on the list.

After a long and exhausting walk, Laryssa arrives at the ruined castle where four bandits hold her daughter, whom they kidnapped, and who she is determined to rescue. She knows that her best chance of rescuing Sofiya is to beg for the bandits to allow her access to the castle, where she might develop a plan to free her daughter.

A few moments later, the heavy oak door creaked and groaned as it opened and a man appeared carrying a lantern.

The woman looked wearily at him and tried to suppress a feeling of revulsion when she saw his face in the lantern’s light. Here was a man who might once have been handsome, but whose appearance was savagely mutilated by two livid scars that crossed his face. He looked about forty, had jet-black hair with a few streaks of grey, and dark eyes. He was slim but with broad, powerful shoulders.

He recognized the look of horror that the woman was unable to hide completely. It was a look that he had come to know so many times over the years since he was so disfigured as a young man. His voice lashed out harshly.

“So, do you still want to come inside, woman? Do you want to come forward and take a closer look?”

This is Laryssa’s first meeting with Bhodan, the leader of the bandits, and he is clearly intimidating. But she is strong in her resolve to rescue Sofiya.

Snatched is my next release, due out on September 9, and is in fact a rewrite of a novella of 17,000 words I published over two years ago. At the suggestion of my publishers I have re-wrtten it and extended it to 43,000 words. It is based in an impoverished Eastern European country around 1850. It is a little darker than my previous book, and contains scenes that some people might not feel comfortable with. I won’t be offended if people drop out along the way.



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28 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors for August 28

    1. Yes, motherhood – probably the most powerful force on the planet.

      I am so glad that you would like to buy The Artist, but unfortunately it is only available on Kindle – either from Amazon or Blushing Books, and not as a hardback copy. However, I would love to gift you a pdf copy (which you can read on your computer) in return for an honest review. Send me your email address to racheldevineuk@gmail.com and I will email you a copy.

  1. Apparently he’s been dealing with these scars and people’s reaction almost all his life, still he doesn’t just ignore her revulsion, which tells me he’s still got a touch of vulnerability lurking somewhere. Perhaps Laryssa can use that to win her daughter’s release. This looks like a great story and I love the cover too!

    1. Thanks, Jenna. I do like my characters, no matter how bad, to have redeemable features. If they don’t they are liable to meet a sticky end. Those scars were the result of childhood trauma, and they run deep, but I have a feeling that Laryssa can find the man behind them.

  2. Beauty & the Beast. Will she find that underneath the scars and hardened heart, he is a good man? You’ve got my interest. Nice snippet.

    1. Thanks Diane. Let’s say that Laryssa sees something in him that she believes he is worth rescuing. Bhodan also learns the hard way that crime doesn’t pay, which makes her task easier.

  3. Oh, I do hope she’ll surprise him with an answer. Poor guy, must be sick of people looking at him as if he were a monster.

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