Weekend Writing Warrior for May 22


This is my snippet for Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa.com) where writers share 8 – 10 lines of their work, for others to see and comment. Please follow and comment about others on the list.

I am again taking a snippet from my upcoming book, The Artist. This book has been accepted for publication and is in the process of being edited. The expected publication date is August 8. This is an historical erotic romance, based in England in the 1850s. Theodore (Theo for short) is the son of a Viscount, but has rejected the life of an aristocrat to live as a rather bohemian artist. He has an eye for pretty girls, whom he likes to paint in the nude. Lizzie is a poor village girl who made a disastrous marriage, from which she has fled, and is destitute. When Theo asks her to be his artist’s model, she swallows her natural modesty and accepts.  Unaware that Theo had earlier spied on her washing in the stream, Lizzie walks to his house to once again pose for him as his model, and on the way she muses about the man who now employs her.

Theo could not be called conventionally handsome, but there was a charm in his tousled dark hair, his broad shoulders, his dark eyes with a hint of passion within, and his sheer masculinity. He was a man who was not used to being questioned or challenged by the world around him, and even if he were, Lizzie was sure that he would pay little heed to other people’s opinions of him. He was intelligent, but apparently had ceased his formal education at the age of sixteen when he ran off to Europe to learn to paint from Master artists in Italy and France, according to local gossip.

A few of the more adventurous local women had tried to flirt with the man whom they found intriguing and a little dangerous. And some, over the three years that he had lived among them, had, it was rumoured, come to know him in the carnal sense, but he was very discreet about his conquests, unwilling to have vengeful husbands or fathers breaking down his door, so Lizzie didn’t know if the tales she had heard about him were true or merely unfounded gossip.

Whatever was the truth about the artist, she was in no position to be choosy. It was either take her clothes off for him to paint her, or take off her clothes for people such as her husband and his friend Tom to abuse her and force her down the path to ruin.

Lizzie tapped timidly on the artist’s door, as she had done on the previous two days. It took a little while for him to answer and when he did respond to her knock he looked sleepy and dishevelled, as though he had gone to bed fully clothed and just awoken. He looked briefly at her, and without a word, beckoned her inside.

If you wish to read previous excerpts of this book, links are below.

In the interests of honesty, I should say that this, like all my books that I publish through my current publisher, contain quite explicit sexual behaviour, but out of respect for the authors who take part in the link, most of whom do not write erotica, I have deliberately only shared the less explicit sections of my book. If anyone would like to take a look at my published books, they can be seen on my Amazon Author Page at http://www.amazon.com/Rachel-de-Vine/e/B00N58ULQW/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Not yet having a cover to show you, here is the painting that the artist on last week’s picture was working on.


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16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warrior for May 22

    1. Thank you Teresa. I am just a romantic at heart, and although I spice things up for the readership I sell to, it is the romance that appeals to me first, and the hot stuff is an add-on.

  1. I am enjoying the change of flavour in this story, Rachel. The period is definitely more open to exploring the fine subtleties that attraction and romance can display. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I have a little more license when writing period stories (although there are always sharp eyed people who will tell me if I make a factual mistake!). As you have probably surmised, the theme that tends to run throughout my stories is relationships, in all their many forms. I love writing about people. Not necessarily the good people either – there is often something fascinating about villains. But my publisher insists on happy endings, so I have to either redeem the villains, or find nasty endings for them!

    1. Bear in mind that she arrived a short time after Theo had been spying on her washing in the stream. I don’t think that napping was all he was doing. As for Lizzie’s decision to carry on modelling, she didn’t have a lot of options, but she definitely made the right choice.

    1. You might have missed last week’s snippet. In it he accidentally spied Lizzie washing herself in the stream, which he found very erotic. He then hurried home to ‘take care of himself’ (to use a euphemism!) and then fell asleep. He was trying hard not to hit on his model, even though he found her very attractive. However, I think his struggle will only be for a little while longer. Thanks for commenting.

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