Weekend Writing Warriors for Nov 29

Hi, this is my contribution for Weekend Writing Warriors (www.wewriwa) for Nov 29.  This is a place where writers can post 8 – 10 lines of their work for others to see and comment.

This week I am continuing the story between Luca and Adriana, two young Italians who are slowly discovering their attraction for each other.

Luca laughs to see my discomfort, and splashes some water in my direction. 

“Take off your clothes and come for a swim. There is no one around. Mamma and Papà are out.”  

I am torn with indecision. I desperately want to tear off my dress and plunge into the water, but I am afraid. I am not afraid of Luca. I am afraid of myself, and my feelings. I am afraid that I will confess that I love him and I will see the mockery in his face as I make a fool of myself.

He holds out his hand and I stop worrying about everything, as I pull the dress off over my head and make a dash for the water in just my panties, my arms crossing my chest to cover my growing breasts.  I stop about a yard away from him and sink down into the water so that it covers me to my shoulders.

This extract is taken from my most recent book, That Day At The Lake, which is now available at

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