That Day At The Lake – my new book, due out shortly

Adriana and Luca spent several of their childhood years together in Naples, Italy, but they were not related. At the age of eight, Adriana had been rescued by Luca’s father after her mother had died, and for six years she lived happily with their family, hero-worshipping the handsome boy, who was two years her senior. But one day, while swimming in the lake, Adriana and Luca both realised that the feelings they had for each other were not those of sister and brother.

But tragedy arose a few days later, however, when gangsters killed Luca’s parents, and relatives took him away, leaving a distressed fourteen-year-old girl to be fostered by another family. Adriana became bitter and resentful, but a sympathetic teacher, who encouraged her to pass exams and aim for university, turned around her life.

Meeting Naomi, the girl who would be her lifelong friend, led Adriana to live and work in New York where, in an event that seemed to her to be almost miraculous, she was reunited with Luca, ten years after they had parted. But life was not destined to be simple for her. She found that, not only was Luca involved in possibly illegal activity, he had developed a passion for a BDSM lifestyle and told a shy, sexually inexperienced, Adriana that he could not change the way he was, not even for her, and he refused to develop their relationship into anything other than friendship. His decision almost broke Adriana’s heart, hearing that Luca did not want her in the way that she wanted him.

Taking matters into her own hands, Adriana went to the BDSM club that she knew that Luca frequented and discovered that the thought of being Luca’s sub and allowing him to spank her excited her in a way that she had not anticipated, and was able to break down Luca’s resistance. But life continued to be cruel when Luca found that he was in danger from gangsters in Italy who had vowed to kill him, and cause his business empire to crumble.

Adriana and Luca had survived their early life traumas, but was this threat one that would prove fatal to them both? Would fate for once be kind to them and allow them to be reunited once more? This is a tale of passion and crime, love and despair, which could either bring them both great happiness, or end up in the death of them both.

Due for publication by Blushing Books on November 11 2015

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