My new book, Out of the Darkness, is now published.

Out Of The Darkness_200x300-1

Marianne Delaney is a beautiful model, who has little awareness of just how beautiful she is, and how much she drives men wild. Because of her beauty and vulnerability she tends to attract rich, powerful men, who care more for their own egos and needs, than for the woman beneath the designer gowns. She finds happiness with an older man, but tragedy strikes and Marianne is once more alone in the world, until, in a chance encounter with a wealthy businessman in an airport lounge, Marianne meets the man who she has subconsciously wished for her entire life. He is a handsome and powerful Dom, who recognizes the submissiveness in her, but unlike many powerful men, he loves Marianne as she is and does not try to control her to the extent that her individuality is crushed. Can this man make her happy after so much pain and disappointment in her life? Or will fate seek to crush her as it has so often before?

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